We have the Experience and Insight to help you invest

Are you looking for an investment that is tied to a physical asset that is insured? Are you looking for an investment that provides a cash return and an equity share? Do you want to see where your money is invested? If so, then feel free to request a meeting!


Invest with a group of professionals that manage your asset as a team, which provides clarity, structure and transparency throughout the process.


We pride ourselves on acquiring properties at a below market rate to provide excellent returns to our investors.


Asset management is essential to a successful investment, which is why ACIG works with the best in the business when it comes to property management.


Each property has its own value-play and strategy. We look for the property that best meets your investment strategy and goals.


ACIG is based on a strong set of values and principles that guides and directs the decisions made through the ever-changing landscape of investments.